What We Do

Whether you call it fractional COO, management consulting, or BizOps, what we offer is the same: hands-on operational expertise to help companies scale and build management discipline in a flexible and cost-effective way. We focus on ensuring that your organization has the processes, tools, people and skills to effectively execute on your strategic goals.

Our typical clients are small to medium-sized businesses who find that day-to-day issues are interfering with their ability to make progress towards strategic goals. Most have gone through a period of growth or change and are finding that the current approach to running their business is too chaotic and reactive.

We believe that companies can get more from their teams by building strong and repeatable management practices, and enabling data-driven decision making.

Our Approach
  • Complete an assessment of the organization to identify key business drivers to understand how the company is currently functioning
  • Facilitate working sessions with key stakeholders to align on goals, priorities, owners, and measures of success
  • Support the communication and roll-out of the plan to ensure it’s integrated into the company’s ongoing operations
  • Stakeholder alignment on the company’s priorities
  • Clear expectations and accountability against which performance can be measured
  • Data that is relevant, up-to-date, and accessible to support decision making
Our Approach
  • Identify key metrics and progress tracking that are important to achieving the plan, owners for each area, and update frequency
  • Provide the tools, processes and coaching that will enable the organization to use data to drive decisions and action
  • Work in collaboration with teams to create repeatable habits and instill the management discipline needed to support organizations as they grow.
  • Getting the right data to the right people, ensuring owners have the information needed to make forward-looking decisions
  • Improved accountability, flexibility and efficiency through well-defined ownership and tracking, benefiting internal and external stakeholders
  • Increased predictability and stability by taking a structured approach to operations
Our Approach
  • Conduct interviews with stakeholders to identify what is working, what is strained, and what new responsibilities need to be added.
  • Identify gaps in existing processes and define what the desired future state looks like
  • Develop and support the implementation of a plan that takes an iterative approach to making improvements
  • Measurable improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of resources even as the company continues to grow
  • Leadership team coaching around building the skills and habits necessary to support their growing teams
  • Clear ownership, roles and responsibilities for all critical processes

About Us

As a group our experience has both breadth and depth: we’ve been part of founding startups and have also led high-performing teams in Fortune 500 companies; our roles have ranged from being consultants to being part of the executive team leading operations; and we have had responsibility for almost every function within a technology company. Our deep technical and business knowledge allows us to bridge the gap that often exists between the two sides of a technology business.

Regardless of the work we do, we take a pragmatic, results-focused and agile approach to operations. We believe in the value of open communication, mutual trust and accountability. At the heart of our approach is the belief that changing how we work can result in a more fulfilling and rewarding work environment where people can deliver their best results. Given the unprecedented changes that workplaces have been undergoing, spending time figuring out how to effectively work together has never been a more important factor in a business’s success.

Randy Chung

Randy's adventures in the software industry over the past 2 decades have seen him work in roles under various parts of the software development process -- from QA Analyst to Front End Developer to UI Designer to Engineering Manager. This breadth of experience gives Randy a strong understanding of the challenges faced by a software development team during all parts of a project's lifecycle.


Heather McCarten

Heather has over 20 years of experience solving problems and bringing structure to technology and business organizations. She began her career as a software developer and then migrated to strategy consulting at BCG after completing her MBA. She's worked in a wide range of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500s. Heather's strength lies in her unique combination of tech and business skills, and ability to be effective in a wide range of environments.


Neal Sherman

Neal has 25 years of leadership experience driving start-ups from the growth phase through to successful exits. Most recently, Neal was a co-founder of Askuity, a retail analytics company that helped vendors make the most of their sales data, and which was ultimately acquired by The Home Depot. Neal thrives on building creative solutions and high performing teams to solve difficult problems.



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